Visual Arts

David Novak.  Evaluation of Graffiti Art Works in Greater Kuala Lumpur.
Sharulnizam bin Ramli.  Penghasilan Imej dalam Pembelajaran Seni Visual: Analisis Terhadap Tahap Kreativiti Kanak-Kanak Tabika Perpaduan di Daerah Kuantan, Pahang.
Ali Monjezi.  Issues of Perspective in the Current Persian Miniature Painting: A Case Study of Mahmoud Farshchian’s Masterpieces.
Cao Qiang.  Study of Visual Language in Ujang’s Cartoon: A Case Study of Aku Budak Minang.

Choy Chun Wei.  Investigating Materiality Through Art-Based Research.
Arnoosh Khajeh.  Interpreting Contemporary Iranian Typography:  Through Three Selected Masterpieces of Mohammad Ehsaie.

Mozhgam Ramezani.  A Study of Yusof Ghani Artworks:  Wajah Series from 2006 to 2010.

Saba Aslian.  Historical  and Cultural Development of Iranian Kheymey Shab Bazi from Qajar Dynasty to Present
Ehsan Aghamohamma di Nazari.  The Values and Functions of Road Signage for Tourism Land Marks in Kuala Lumpur.

Ehsan Aghamohammadi Mazari.  The Values and Functions and Functuon of Road Signage for Tourism Land Marks in Kuala Lumpur

Mohsen Barabadi.  Investigation of Spatial Composition of Front-Page Layout Focus on: New Straits Times Newspaper.

Maryam Khanahmadi.  An Appreciation of Syed Thajudeen’s Images of Love in His Artworks From 2000 Until 2012.

Bahar Rahimzadeh.  An Appreciation of Five Selected Salting Carpets From the Safavid Period in Iran.

Zahra Pazoki.  A Study of Persian Vegetal Motifs From Naturalistic to the Stylized From.

Elnaz Rostami Gharagozloo.  An Approach to Enrich Children’s Painting Visualisation Toward Their Subject Matter With a Focus on Children Aged Six to Nine Year.
Aida Torkamani Asl.  Representation of the Female Body and Exoticism: Visual Analysis of Two Iranian Female Artists’ Works.

Arefeh Bakhshian.  A Study on Images of Elephant in Art Works of Yusof Ismail (Yusof Gajah).

Maryam Mirzajani.  An Exploring of Motif Design of Hand-Drawn Batik In Kota Baharu, Malaysia.

Mohamad Zaky bin Khairuddin.  Peranan Catan Digital Dalam Seni Konsep Terhadap Animasi Tempatan.

Nasrin Saadatagah.  Expresson of Cultural Identity in Mella Jaarsma’s Artwork.

Neda Zoghi.  Formal Analysis on Persian Painting in Timurid Dynasty: Focus on Heart School.

Razieh Farivar.  An Iconographical Study of Four Kendis of Iran in the Collection of Museum of Asian Art, University of Malaya.

Luqman Lee.  Malaysian Native-Language Television Programming Preferences And its Effects On Ethnic Polarization.

Ehsan Agha Mohammadi Nazari.  The Values and Functions of Road Signage for Tourism Land Marks in Kuala Lumpur.

Neda Zoghi.  Foemal Analysis on Persian Painting in Timurid Dynasty; Focus on Herat School.

Mahsa Jalali.  The Art of Jalaini Abu Hassan: An Analysis.

Mana Bahri Hosseini.  A Study on Motifs of Traditional Jewellery in The National Museum and National Textile Museum Of Malaysia.

Hamid Reza Pourbahrami.  An Evaluation Of Behrooz Daresh Sculptures From 1991 To 2000

Juaini Binti Jamaludin.  Manga: An Analysis on Theme through Malaysian Artwork
Katayoun Moghadam.  The Significance of Technique in Iranian Murals during the Last Ten Years.

(Andy) Eekim Tiong. Analysis Of Subject Internet Cultures To The One Academy Graphic Design Students (Semester B Nov 2009-March 2010).

Luqman Lee.  Malaysian Native – Language Television Programming Preferences and Its Effects On Ethnic Polarization

Aida Torkamani asl.  Representation Of The Female Body And Exoticis: Visual Analysis Of The Two Iranian Female Artists Works.

Neda Nourmohammadi.  A Study Of The Effectiveness Of Current Outdoor Commercial Guerrilla Advertising In Klang Valley

Fiona Wong E Chiong.  Manifestations of Malayan Chinese Diasporic Cultural Identity: A Visual Analysis on the Evolution of the Chinese Shophouse Facades in 19th and 20th Century British Malaya.

Gabriela Riskova.  Knotted Masterpieces: History and Current Status of Turkish Carpets.

Guo Xiao Wei.  The Spatial Organization in Chinese Gui-Style Architecture and Chinese Architecture in Penang – Religious Architecture and Residential Architecture.

Elias Yamani Bin Ismail.  Pengaruh Aliran Ekspresionisme Abstrak Kajian Kes : Karya Catan Oleh Tajuddin Ismail

Abdul Hamid bin Chan.  Analisis Struktural Pergerakan Kuda Pasu: Satu Kajian Reinvensi Kuda Pasu Kaum Bajau di Kota Belut, Sabah.

Li Lu. Fanpai Wooden Drum Dance: An Evolution From Religious Architecture in Penang to Staged Performance

Miao Jing.  The Application Of Six Principle Theory In Malaysian Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting : A Case Study  Of Cheah Thien Soong’s Paintings

Yip Jinchi, A Visual Analysis of the Traditional and Contemporary Chinese Dragon Symbol in Malaysia and Singapore.

Cheng Bo.  The Accelerating Effect of Industrial Design Aesthetic in Contemporary Malaysian Chinese Mobile Market
Ong Ian Li, Tradition and Change: The Eclectic Artworks of the Nanyang Artists.
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