Wayland Quintero.  Mengangsa: Sounding Men in Motion in Sagada, Mountain Province, Northern Philippines.

Desiree Aida Quintero.  Inhabiting Pangalay Ha Kulintangan as Suluk In Sabah, Malaysia.

Santha a/p Chandherasegaran.  Gender, Sexualisation and Feminism in Salsa: Interrelations of Strong Women and Sexualisation in the Klang Valley.

  • Lim Siew Ling.  Gender Performativity in Butoh:  Gender Subversion by Nyoba Kan in Malaysia. 
  • Arnoosh Khajeh.  Interpreting Contemporary Iranian Typography:  Through Three Selected Masterpieces of Mohammad Ehsaie.
  • Mozhgam Ramezani.  A Study of Yusof Ghani Artworks:  Wajah Series from 2006 to 2010.
  • Saba Aslian.  Historical  and Cultural Development of Iranian Kheymey Shab Bazi from Qajar Dynasty to Present
  • Maria Gabriela Lopez Yanez.  Beyond The Hip : La Bomba in Chota as a Shared Experience.
  • Hii Ing-Fung.  Dancing as Malaysian-Dancing as Chinese : Inventing Chinese Malaysian Dance
  • Ehsan Aghamohamma di Nazari.  The Values and Functions of Road Signage for Tourism Land Marks in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Ehsan Aghamohammadi Mazari.  The Values and Functions and Functuon of Road Signage for Tourism Land Marks in Kuala Lumpur
  • Mohsen Barabadi.  Investigation of Spatial Composition of Front-Page Layout Focus on: New Straits Times Newspaper.
  • Maryam Khanahmadi.  An Appreciation of Syed Thajudeen’s Images of Love in His Artworks From 2000 Until 2012.
  • Bahar Rahimzadeh.  An Appreciation of Five Selected Salting Carpets From the Safavid Period in Iran.
  • Zahra Pazoki.  A Study of Persian Vegetal Motifs From Naturalistic to the Stylized From.
  • Elnaz Rostami Gharagozloo.  An Approach to Enrich Children’s Painting Visualisation Toward Their Subject Matter With a Focus on Children Aged Six to Nine Year.
  • Hafzan Zannie Hamza.  Igal : The Traditional Performing Arts of The Bajau Laut in Semporna, Sabah.
  • Revathi M Murugappan.  Training Methods and Injury Patterns of Female Pre-Professional Dancers in the Klang Valley: A Comparative Study Between the Ballet and Bharatanatyam Genres
  • Aida Torkamani Asl.  Representation of the Female Body and Exoticism: Visual Analysis of Two Iranian Female Artists’ Works.
  • Arefeh Bakhshian.  A Study on Images of Elephant in Art Works of Yusof Ismail (Yusof Gajah).
  • Maryam Mirzajani.  An Exploring of Motif Design of Hand-Drawn Batik In Kota Baharu, Malaysia.
  • Mohamad Zaky bin Khairuddin.  Peranan Catan Digital Dalam Seni Konsep Terhadap Animasi Tempatan.
  • Nasrin Saadatagah.  Expresson of Cultural Identity in Mella Jaarsma’s Artwork.
  • Neda Zoghi.  Formal Analysis on Persian Painting in Timurid Dynasty: Focus on Heart School.
  • Razieh Farivar.  An Iconographical Study of Four Kendis of Iran in the Collection of Museum of Asian Art, University of Malaya.
  • Luqman Lee.  Malaysian Native-Language Television Programming Preferences And its Effects On Ethnic Polarization.
  • Ehsan Agha Mohammadi Nazari.  The Values and Functions of Road Signage for Tourism Land Marks in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Neda Zoghi.  Foemal Analysis on Persian Painting in Timurid Dynasty; Focus on Herat School.
  • Mahsa Jalali.  The Art of Jalaini Abu Hassan: An Analysis.
  • Mana Bahri Hosseini.  A Study on Motifs of Traditional Jewellery in The National Museum and National Textile Museum Of Malaysia.
  • Hamid Reza Pourbahrami.  An Evaluation Of Behrooz Daresh Sculptures From 1991 To 2000
  • Juaini Binti Jamaludin.  Manga: An Analysis on Theme through Malaysian Artwork
  • Li Lu.  Fanpai Wooden Drum Dance:  An Evolution from Religious Ritual to Staged Performance.
  • Revathi M. Murugappan. Training Methods And Injury Patterns Of Pemale Pre-Professional Dances In The Klang Valley: A Comparative Study Between The Ballet Andatanatyam Genres.
  • Leng Poh Gee, Karya Koreografer Tionghoa dalam Tari Kontemporari Malaysia (Batu Dance Theatre, Nyoba Kan dan P’nang Dance Station) pada Tahun 2000-2005.
  • Premalatha a/p Thiagarajan, Bharata Natyam: A Study on the Historical Perspective, Practice and Development in Malaysia.
  • Ong Ian Li, Tradition and Change: The Eclectic Artworks of the Nanyang Artists.
Last Update: September 29, 2015